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Volleyball on Long Island, NY

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Weather on an indoor volleyball court, on a sandy beach, or in your own backyard, volleyball is a fun sport any active individual can enjoy. In our listings below, you will find volleyball clubs, volleyball venues, and other volleyball related resources; anything from where to buy your next pair of volleyball shorts or volleyball shoes to the schedule for the next girls volleyball match. Scroll past the listings for more information on basic volleyball rules.
Volleyball on Long Island, NY

East End Volleyball

Information on volleyball upcoming events and tournaments
Hampton Bays NY 11946 PO Box 49, Tel 631-355-1293
Tel: 631-728-0397; Fax: 631-728-6978
E-mail: eevb@i-200.com; Website: eevb.net

Long Island Volleyball Association

The Long Island Volleyball Association offers the most fun and exciting volleyball leagues, beach volleyball leagues, tournaments, and clinics in the New York and Long Island area. All levels of play are welcome from beginner to advanced players.
4271 Oak Beach Rd., Oak Beach NY 11702 PO Box 4271, Tel 631-422-5555
Fax: 631-422-6966; E-mail: liva@longislandvolleyball.com
Website: longislandvolleyball.com

Sportime at Bethpage Multi-Sport

Long Island's premiere indoor multi-sport complex for adults and children, featuring one roller hockey rink, two basketball courts, five competition volleyball courts, a full-size soccer and lacrosse field
4105 Hempstead Tpk., Bethpage NY 11714 Tel 516-731-4432
Fax: 516-731-2849; Website: sportimetfm.com

Volleyball in the Park

Volleyball in the Park provides information on tournaments, teams and registraion
Sea Cliff NY 11579 Tel 516-759-0955
E-mail: volleyballinthepark@vbli.com; Website: volleyballinthepark.com
By Olympic rules, volleyball matches are contested between two teams of six volleyball players, separated by a tall volleyball net. Only the team serving the volleyball may score. Volleyball players score by grounding the volleyball onto their opponent's side of the court, oftentimes with a strong over-hand palm smash aimed down toward the floor: "spiking" the ball. Other common ways to come in contact with volleyball are: passing (between team mates), setting (to gently send a ball high in the air, setting up for a team mate's spike), and blocking (spikes).
Volleyball teams are allowed to make contact with the volleyball three times before it must go over the volleyball net, and to the other team. The same volleyball player may not make contact with the volleyball consecutively.
The first team to score 25 points wins that game, the "set". To win a complete volleyball match, the winning team must win three sets.
For most versions of volleyball, gameplay related rules remain the same. Most volleyball variations come in the amount of people per team. For play volleyball on the beach, their are only two teammates per volleyball team. For casual, recreational games, the only limit on volleyball player's is the amount of people who can fit around the volleyball net.
This information was obtained from Wikipedia Encyclopedia Source Wikipedia Volleyball.

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