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Firewood on Long Island, NY

Updated Oct 05 2014 04:20 PM EST with 5 listings
Many families on Long Island are taking steps to save energy this winter season by using alternative heating sources like wood stoves. You will find good advice and tips for using firewood as a primary or secondary source for home heating on this page below our Long Island business listings.

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Firewood on Long Island, NY

Beaver Site Development, Inc.

Free local delivery, deliver to Nassau and Suffolk
5 Settlers Rd., Hauppauge NY Tel 631-724-0517
Website: beaversite.com

Mother Earth's Landscape, Masonry & Supplies, Inc.

Building Masonry brick supplies East Northport Long Island NY including screened topsoil compost find and concrete sand RCA stepper and dive rock boulders and moss rock bluestone treads patio block concrete block cement and mortar plastic and concrete drywells pipe and fittings catch basins sump pumps heads/pipe/fitting masonry and garden tools fire wood featuring the following brands Capitol concrete Centurion stone Boulder Creek Pavestone Quikrete Brick-it Eldorado Stone Jonathan-Green Sweet Peet grass seed peat moss starter fertilizer fire wood Long Island
350 Elwood Rd., East Northport NY 11731 Tel 631-368-6047
Website: motherearthssupplies.com

Neyer Firewood Company

Production of finest quality firewood
Northport NY 11768 Tel 631-757-3968
E-mail: neyers@neyerfire.com; Website: neyerfire.com

The Log Splitter

Envi Blocks. The Friendly Firewood FOR USE IN: WOOD, STOVES, FIREPLACES, FIRE PITS, WOOD FURNACES An all wood product with NO ADDITIVES. We sell wood pellets too.
309 Rose St., Massapequa Park NY 11762 Tel 516-799-6096
E-mail: info@thelogsplitter.net; Website: thelogsplitter.net

Tree Guys

Deer Park Long Island NY Firewood and wood chips, pruning, tree removals
6 Ocean Ave., Deer Park NY 11729 Tel 631-243-0719
Firewood for Wood Stoves and Wood Furnaces Many people are turning to wood stoves to provide some of the heat for their home this winter season. Pellet stoves are quickly becoming a popular option for homeowners seeking to reduce their heating bills this year on Long Island. Many consumers are upgrading their old wood stoves to take advantage of new technologies that make wood heating a more efficient and cost-effective home heating alternative. The use of outdoor wood furnaces is another option that is becoming appealing especially dual fuel models that can burn wood and either fuel oil, natural gas, or propane. Some multifuel furnaces have automatic wood fire controls that allow you to set one thermostat for the furnace and one thermostat for room temperature inside your home. Some of these types of wood furnaces take firewood logs up to 24†long.

Firewood for Fireplaces Fireplaces come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and types. They may be floor or wall mounted. Some fireplaces are designed for corners. The older types of fireplaces are much less heat efficient than newer ones. Many new fireplaces are constructed as a prefabricated unit. They often have a metal shell and brick liner. The hearth can be made of a wide variety of materials. The most popular and common are brick, stone, tile and marble. Advice for Buying Firewood There are standard sizes for buying firewood. A full cord of wood is four feet high, four feet deep, and eight feet wide. If you buy this much all at once its wise to ask that it be delivered and stacked to check that you get what you pay for. It is very important to buy only seasoned wood and not green wood. Hard denser woods like oak, maple, hickory are the best to use if you want firewood for home heating. You do not want to try to heat you home by burning wood in an open fireplace. You would be just throwing your money away. Wood stoves and pellet stoves are designed for heating. But throwing a couple of logs on the fire are great for parties and social events in your home. Many causal users of firewood will buy firewood by the half cord or quarter cord. When handling wood it is important to wear gloves and if you are carrying it a long distance its worth it to use a log carrier. Firewood accessories are designed to ensure safe use of firewood and to make the whole experience easier and more comfortable.