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Wine Tasting on Long Island, NY

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Consider three qualities of wine in a proper wine tasting: the look, the smell, and the taste.
Look – After pouring the wine in a clear glass, examine its color. White wines range anywhere from green to yellow to brown. Red wines range from pale red to ruby to deep brown red. Swirl the wine to test the wines “legsâ€. A wine with “good legs†may have a thicker body when swirled – meaning higher alcohol content or a sweeter flavor. Next, examine the “rim†of the wine by slightly tilting the glass – if the edge has a purple tint, it is most likely a young wine. Matured wines tend to have an orange or brown tint.
Smell – After swirling the wine, smell its aroma. A quick whiff will help you make a good initial impression, to be then clarified by a second, deeper whiff. Another acceptable means of smelling wine is to take a single, deep whiff. Smell the wine and concentrate on its aroma; does it remind you or fruit or flowers? Maybe it has an earthy, wood feel? Or does it resemble any herbs / spices?
Taste – Now it is finally time to taste your wine. Consider the wine’s taste as three different phases: initial, main, and aftertaste. Upon your first impression, how do your taste buds respond to the sensation? Once you’ve swirled the wine around your mouth a bit, take in a breath – what’s the texture of the wine like? Light? Smooth? Rich? Harsh? After swallowing the wine, notice the taste that remains in your mouth. How long does it linger for? Is it pleasant? Take a moment to form a final evaluation of the wine, based on overall flavor, balance of qualities, and your experience. Were the taste sensations you encountered appropriate for this type of wine? If the wine tasted dry, should it have? After trying several different wines, you will become more experienced in differentiating between types of wine, and finding the wine(s) you enjoy most.
Wine Tasting on Long Island, NY

Banfi Vintners

Banfi Vintners, an international wine marketer, has ranked as the USA's leading wine importer for more than three decades, it is an arm of the privately held Banfi Products Corporation, a family-owned and operated firm founded in New York in 1919 by John Mariani, Sr.
1111 Cedar Swamp Rd., Old Brookville NY 11545 Tel 516-626-9200
Tel: 800-645-6511; Fax: 516-626-9218
Website: banfivintners.com

Bedell Cellars

One of Long Island's most beautiful vineyards. Tours: by appointment only. Tastings: Open 7 days a week, from 11:00am-5:00pm, until 6:00pm on weekends (Fr/Sa/Su) from Memorial Day through Halloween.
57225 Main Rd., Southold NY 11971 Tel 631-765-0177
Website: bedellcellars.com

Castello di Borghese

Closed Jan-Mar. Tours and tastings are given daily.
17150 Route 48, Cutchogue NY 11935 at Alvah's Lane, Tel 631-734-5111
Tel: 800-734-5158; Fax: 631-734-5485
E-mail: info@castellodiborghese.com; Website: castellodiborghese.com

Channing Daughters Winery

125 acres. Retail sales, tastings. Tasting 11am to 5pm daily.
1927 Scuttle Hole Rd., Bridgehampton NY 11932 P.O. Box 2202, Tel 631-537-7224
Fax: 631-537-7243; Website: channingdaughters.com

Comtesse Therese

Delicious wines, with elegance and finesse. Rivals those of Bordeaux and other great winemaking regions of the world. Tastings: at the Tasting Room, 2885 Peconic Lane, Peconic, NY 11958.
Union Ave., Aquebogue NY 11931 Union Avenue & Route 105, Tel 631-871-9194
Fax: 212-750-5646; Website: comtessetherese.com

Diliberto Winery

Wine tasting and tours
250 Manor Lane, Jamesport NY 11947 Tel 631-722-3416
Fax: 631-722-2528; E-mail: diliberto1@msn.com
Website: dilibertowinery.com

Duck Walk Vineyards

Line up along the wine bar and join in a tasting. Loads of fun on a weekend afternoon!
231 Montauk Hwy., Water Mill NY 11976 Tel 631-726-7555
Fax: 631-726-4395; E-mail: info@duckwalk.com
Website: duckwalk.com

Jamesport Vineyards

60 acres, retail sales, tastings, self-guided tours, private tours by appointment, picnicking.
1216 Main Rd., Jamesport NY 11947 Rt. 25/ P.O. Box 842, Tel 631-722-5256
E-mail: info@jamesport-vineyards.com; Website: jamesport-vineyards.com

Joanina Wine Shop

Friday night wine tasting from 5pm - 10pm in Huntington, NY 11743. Specializing in Italian wines. Check their website for more information.
35 Gerard St., Huntington NY 11743 Tel 631-629-4098
Fax: 631-629-4097; Website: joaninawineshop.com

Laurel Lake Vineyards

We are dedicated to producing great and delicious varietal wines at affordable prices.Tours by appointment, weddings, parties.
3165 Main Rd., Laurel NY 11948 Rt. 25, Tel 631-298-1420
Fax: 631-298-1405; E-mail: info@llwines.com
Website: llwines.com

Lenz Winery

60 acres. Second-oldest winery on the East End, started in 1979.
28 Po Box, Peconic NY 11958 Rt. 25/ P.O. Box 28, Tel 631-734-6010
Tel: 800-974-9899; Fax: 631-734-6069
E-mail: office@lenzwine.com; Website: lenzwine.com

Lieb Family Cellars

Retail sales and tastings; 50 acres.
35 Cox Neck Rd., Mattituck NY 11952 Tel 631-298-1942
Tel: 631-734-1100; Fax: 631-734-1113
E-mail: info@liebcellars.com; Website: liebcellars.com

Loughlin Vineyards

6 acres on the Roosevelt estate; bring a picnic. Tasting: 12 noon - 6pm Sa - Su.
South Main St., Sayville NY 11782 P.O. Box 385, Tel 631-589-0027
E-mail: bcutrone@optonline.net; Website: loughlinvineyard.com

Macari Vineyards

Retail sales and tastings. Tours by appointment only. Tastings: 11am-5pm daily.
150 Bergen Ave., Mattituck NY 11952 P.O. Box 2, Tel 631-298-0100
Fax: 631-298-8373; E-mail: macari@peconic.net
Website: macariwines.com

Martha Clara Vineyards

112 acres, retail sales and tastings horse and carriage rides on weekends.
6025 Sound Ave., Riverhead NY 11901 Route 48, Tel 631-298-0075
Fax: 631-298-5502; E-mail: info@marthaclaravineyards.com
Website: marthaclaravineyards.com

Northport Tasting Room and Wine Cellar

Providing a wide range of wines for both the inexperienced and connoisseurs as well as event planning with a certified sommelier, wine classes and local delivery
70 Main St., Northport NY 11768 Tel 631-261-0642
Website: northportwines.com

Old Field Vineyards

Family owned and operated; 25 acres. First vineyard planted in 1974; Long Island's second-oldest wine grape vineyard. Retail sales and tastings. Picnicking by the Ice Pond.
59600 Route 25, Southold NY 11971 P.O. Box 726, Tel 631-765-0004
Fax: 631-765-3553; E-mail: livinifera@aol.com
Website: theoldfield.com

Osprey's Dominion Vineyards

100 acres, retail sales, weekend tours and tastings, group tours on request.
44075 -44075 Main Rd., Peconic NY 11958 Rt. 25/ P.O. Box 198, Tel 631-765-6188
Tel: 888-295-6188; Fax: 631-765-1903
E-mail: winemkr@ospreysdominion.com; Website: ospreysdominion.com

Palmer Vineyards

100 acres. Retail sales, tastings and self-guided tours.
108 Sound Ave., Riverhead NY 11901 Rt. 48, Tel 631-722-9463
Fax: 631-722-5364; E-mail: palmervineyards@mail.com
Website: palmervineyards.com

Paumanok Vineyards

Tours and tastings: 11am-6pm daily (April - December) 11am-5pm daily (January-March). Join their wine club at their website.
1074 Main Rd., Aquebogue NY 11931 P.O. Box 741, Tel 631-722-8800
Fax: 631-722-5110; E-mail: info@paumanok.com
Website: paumanok.com

Peconic Bay Winery

200 acres, 60 planted, retail sales and tastings, guided tours by appointment, (May-Oct), tasting 11am-5pm daily except Tues.
31320 Main Rd., Cutchogue NY 11935 Rt. 25/ P.O. Box 818, Tel 631-734-7361
Fax: 631-734-5867; E-mail: info@peconicbaywinery.com
Website: peconicbaywinery.com

Pellegrini Vineyards

Among the few Long Island vintners to bottle many wines unfiltered. 11am to 5pm daily.
23005 Main Rd., Cutchogue NY 11935 Route 25, Tel 631-734-4111
Fax: 631-734-4159; E-mail: wine@pellegrinivineyards.com
Website: pellegrinivineyards.com

Pindar Vineyards

450 acres, Long Island's largest vineyard, retail sales, tours (seasonal), tasting 11am-5:30pm daily.
Main Rd., Peconic NY 11958 P.O. Box 332, Tel 631-734-6200
Fax: 631-734-6205; E-mail: info@pindar.net
Website: pindar.net

Pugliese Vineyards

50 acres. Retail sales and tastings. 11am -5pm daily.
34515 Main Rd., Cutchogue NY 11935 Rt. 25/ P.O. Box 467, Tel 631-734-4057
Fax: 631-734-5668; E-mail: pugliesewines@pugliesevineyards.com
Website: pugliesevineyards.com


60 acres. Guided tours, tastings and retail sales. Tastings 12 - 5 daily.
39390 Main Rd., Peconic NY 11958 P.O. Box 17, Tel 631-765-1100
Fax: 631-765-1991; E-mail: info@raphaelwine.com
Website: raphaelwine.com

Schneider Vineyards

22 acres. Retail sales via web site. Tastings: at the Tasting Room, 2885 Peconic Lane, Peconic, NY 11958.
2248 Roanoke Ave., Riverhead NY 11901 Tel 631-727-3334
Fax: 631-727-3242; E-mail: info@schneidervineyards.com
Website: schneidervineyards.com

Sherwood House Vineyards

A "boutique" vineyard on 38 acres. Tastings: at The Tasting Room 2885 Peconic Lane, Peconic, NY 11958.
2600 Oregon Rd, Mattituck NY 11952 Tel 631-298-1396
E-mail: info@sherwoodhousevineyard.com; Website: sherwoodhousevineyards.com

Shinn Estate Vineyards

Shinn Estate Vineyard gathering many deiverse elements and combining them in harmony. From the vineyard floor to the bottle.
2000 Oregon Rd, Mattituck NY 11952 Tel 631-804-0367
Fax: 212-647-9393; E-mail: shinnvin@optonline.net
Website: shinnestatevineyards.com

The Tasting Room

Foru boutique wineries in one location.
2885 Peconic Lane, Peconic NY 11958 Tel 631-765-6404
E-mail: mail@tastingroomli.com; Website: tastingroomli.com

Vineyard 48

35 acres. Retail sales, tastings; daily tours by appointment.
18910 Rt. 48, Cutchogue NY 11935 Tel 631-734-5200
Fax: 631-734-6763; Website: vineyard48wines.com

Waters Crest Winery

A small production winery with tasting room.
22355 Country Road 48, Cutchogue NY 11935 Unit 6, Tel 631-734-5065
Fax: 631-734-5064; E-mail: info@waterscrest.com
Website: waterscrestwinery.com

Wolffer Estate Vineyard

Retail sales and tastings; tours by appointment. Tasting 11am-6pm daily.
139 Sagg Rd., Sagaponack NY 11962 P.O. Box 9002, Tel 631-537-5106
Fax: 631-537-5107; E-mail: info@wolffer.com
Website: wolffer.com