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New Age Supplies (talisman, Occult Supplies, Aromas, Music) on Long Island, NY

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Terms like New Age and Occult are very broad; referencing anything from Black Magic to Feng Shui, Yoga to Karma, Tarot Card readings to fortune telling, Chi to Qi, and just about anything else. Understanding the complexities of a new age lifestyle is a journey in itself. Through new age music, new age stores, new age art, the new age movement, occult science, occult books, occult stores, and many other new age resources, people search for a holistic sense of harmony and well-being. Ultimately, they hope to get in touch with their spirituality, and achieve a better understanding of self. This alternative, metaphysical journey is a constant quest for balance with the energy of mind, body, spirit, earth, nature, karma, and other intangibles. We hope that the resources below help guide you toward enlightenment, and that your journey through life be prosperous.
New Age Supplies (talisman, Occult Supplies, Aromas, Music) on Long Island, NY

Feng Shui by ReissPeak

Long Island NY Feng Shui consultant Helping people & companies grow & prosper
15 Park Circle, Centerport NY 11721 Tel 631-261-2516
Fax: 631-757-5541; Toll-Free: 888-286-2681
E-mail: peter@fengshuiconsults.com; Website: fengshuiconsults.com

Instant Karma

Stones and crystals, books and music, atomatherapy products and jewelry
18 South Village Ave., Rockville Centre NY 11570 Tel 516-763-0833
E-mail: minikarma@aol.com; Website: instantkarmastore.com

Mystic Warrior

Metaphysical supplies, arts, books, gifts and more Huntington Long Island NY
10 Wall St., Huntington NY 11743 Tel 631-547-8418