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Theater and Stage Props, Make-up and Costumes on Long Island, NY

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Theater and Stage Props, Make-up and Costumes on Long Island, NY

Cultural Arts Playhouse

A 260-seat fully equipped, three-quarterround playhouse specializing in full staged musicals, comedies, children's theater, educational theater, touring theater and special events.
714 Old Bethpage Rd., Old Bethpage NY 11804 Tel 516-694-3330
Website: culturalartsplayhouse.com

Fantasy Playhouse

Produces original musicals based on children's classics featuring students of the Playhouse's theater school as well as some Broadway revivals using professional actors.
317 Merrick Rd., Lynbrook NY 11563 Tel 516-599-1982

Photo Op

Studio, wardrobe, and prop services for the entertainment industry.
Trademans Path, Bridgehampton NY 11932 P.O. Box 1107, Tel 631-537-0033
E-mail: photoopstudios@gmail.com; Website: photopstudios.com
Many people turn to professional costume shops for adult Halloween costumes. It's a safe guess that most parents on Long Island will get their children a costume at a local department store or costume shop. But more parents are getting creative and saving money by making their own costumes for their children. A great Internet site that provides help in making a children's Halloween costume is Family Education website page on Kids Halloween Costumes .
You will find helpful instructions, lists of supplies, and tips on how much time and effort is required to make each type of costume. Information is provided for the following costumes:
Ace of Hearts
Ace Ventura, Pet Detective
Alien Siamese Twins (for two)
Angel and Devil Twins (for two)
Autograph Book
Autumn God or Goddess
Baby Flower
Baby Pageant Winner
Baby UFO
Bag of Jelly Beans
Bag of Popcorn
Baked Potato
Ballerina on a Budget
Baseball Bat
Beanie Baby
Bed Bug
Bingo Card
Black-Eyed Pea
Bubble Bath
Candlelight Dinner for Two
Candy Buttons
Car Hop from the 1950s
Carmen Miranda/Chiquita Banana
Cat Burglar
Cat Dressed as a Witch
Cat in the Hat
Cave Man or Woman
Cell Phone
Charlie Chaplin
Charlie's Angel
Chia Pet
Chicken "Cord on Blue"
CIA Agent
Clifford the Big Red Dog
Clothesline (Group Costume)
Cloud or Angel in a Cloud
Cloudy with a Chance of Rain
A Color
Coming and Going Person
Cops and Robbers
Corn on the Cob
Cotton Candy (Group Costume)
D.W. (Arthur's Little Sister)
Dancing Flower
Dirty Laundry
Disgusted Construction Cone
Dr. Pepper
Dr. Pepper Duck
E-mail (for Boys Only!)
Eliza Thornberry
Energizer Bunny
Escaped Jailbird
Evil Pop-Tart Princess
Extra-Eerie Ghost
Fair Weather Fan
Fashion Police
Fish Aquarium
Flapper (for Preschoolers)
Floor of a Movie Theater
Flower Child
Flower Garden
Football Player
Formal Apology
Four-Armed Person Franken-Toddler Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble Fried Egg Frisbee Gandalf Ghost Ghostbuster Giant Playing Card Giant Sunflower Gift Box Girl Scout Glittery Star Grandma Grapes Grasshopper Greaser from the 50s Green with Envy Greeting Card The Grinch (Cartoon Style) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Printable Halloween Costume Patterns Use these simple patterns to create quick and easy Halloween costumes. Tunics Collars Vests Capes Hats Wings Half Man/Half Woman Halloween Table Ham and Cheese Sandwich Happy Camper Happy Face Head on a Platter Headless Person Hercules Hershey Bar Highway Hockey Player Horse Hot Air Balloonist House Painter Huck Finn Jack-in-the-Box Jack-o'-Lantern King of Hearts Kit Kat Bar Kitten Ladybug Lamp Lego Lobster Lunch Lady Macaroni and Cheese Mad Scientist Magician Mail Carrier Mailbox Man in the Wind Marge Simpson Martian McDonald's Cheeseburger McDonald's French Fries Medusa Mime Mini Monster Monkey Mouse Mr. or Mrs. Robot Mummy Nintendo Game Boy Non-Sheet Ghost Pan (Half Man/Half Goat) Parrot Peasant Girl Pennywise the Clown Peppermint Candy Peter Pan Pez Dispenser Picnic Lunch Pile of Laundry Pile of Leaves Pippi Longstocking Pirate Pixie Plastic Bag Witch Po (Teletubby) Poison Ivy Pokemon Card Puppy for Sale Puzzle (for a group) Rainbow (for group) Rainy Day Kid Raven Rubik's Cube Sack o' Potatoes Salt Shaker Sand Witch Scarecrow Scuba Diver Shakespeare Shower Skeleton Skunk Sky Sleepwalker Slice of Pizza Smartie Pants Snoopy Snowflake Speed Bump Spider Star Static Cling Statue of Liberty Stoplight Storm Stuffed Green Olive Sunflower Tea Bag Television Theater Floor Tiger Tippi Hedren from The Birds Tombstone Tooth Fairy Toothpaste Tornado Turtle Wad of Gum Washing Machine Watch Dog Windblown Wood Nymph Work of Art Zebra