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Air Purifiers on Long Island, NY

Updated Oct 05 2014 04:20 PM EST with 5 listings
Listed businesses sell air purification systems. Air purifiers can be used to remove a smokey odor, diminish allergic reactions, or just in an effort to breathe cleaner air.
Many people trying to remove a smokey odor, aviod or deminish allergies, or just trying to breathe cleaner air turn to installing air purifiers in their homes. Some of the followig air purifier manufacturers can be found at the local air purifier retailers listed below on Long Island: Air Health Amcor HoMedics Honeywell Iconic Pro JET NanoBreeze RabbitAir Secure Air Sharp Winix honey well hunter air purifier. When deciding on an air purifier you may want to consult consumer reports and reviews to decide on the best air purifier for your home as there are many different options including: hepa air purifier, ionic air purifier, Oreck air purifier as well as the breeze air purifier. Whether in the market for a smoke eater and air purifier or an air filter be sure to stop at many of these local merchants and large chain stores such as Sears, and Home Depot.
Air Purifiers on Long Island, NY

Advanced Air Duct Cleaning

Duct, filtration, dryer vent, and chimney cleaning.
Tel 631-877-0740
Toll-Free: 866-849-3280; E-mail: info@breatheasyductcleaners.info
Website: breatheasyductcleaners.info

Breatheasy Duct Cleaners

eliminate dust and reduce allergies by cleaning air ducts
All Long Island NY Tel 631-877-0740
Tel: 866-849-3280; Website: breatheasyductcleaners.info

Controlled Environments

Central air conditioning and air purification equipment, air testing service available
230 Broadway, Huntington Station NY 11746 Tel 516-922-6263
Tel: 631-271-3111

Enviro Air Quality

Solutions to your air quality needs, consultation, investigation, recommendations, air purification & dehumidification units. Certified indoor environmentalist & mold remediator.
21 South Fulton St., Montauk NY 11954 Tel 631-668-6345
E-mail: enviromechanical@msn.com; Website: enviroairquality.com

Indoor Air Care Moldbusters

Mold remediation via air duct cleaning, dehumidification, and other cleaner air solutions.
321 Country Road 39A, Southampton NY 11968 Tel 631-283-6262