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Home Heating Systems on Long Island, Ny, Energy Saving Tips

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These days saving energy is not just good for the environment, it is good for your wallet. It can also make you more comfortable. Popular Mechanics has a comprehensive energy saving check list including how to do a home energy audit. However, if your utility bill is higher than the national average of $1300 a year, a professional home energy audit may be worth considering. Efficient and effective saving energy tips are listed on the bottom of this page.
Home Heating Systems on Long Island, Ny, Energy Saving Tips

Alternative Energy Store

Beginner's How to Guide to Solar and Wind Generated Electricity.
Toll-Free 877-878-4060
Website: howto.altenergystore.com


An offshore wind park developers bringing the advantages of clean, stable-priced, renewable wind energy coastal residents.
E-mail: comments@bluewaterwind.com; Website: bluewaterwind.com

Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency

Long Island Power Authority - Residential Energy Efficiency Rebate Program
131 South Hoffman Lane, Islandia NY 11749 Toll-Free 800-692-2626
Website: dsireusa.org

Eden Pure Store

Authorized EdenPure & Suntwin dealer whose products can cut your heating bill up to 50%. They also carry air purifiers, and have power cost monitor to aid in energy conservation.
Toll-Free 888-499-8656
E-mail: customerservice@edenpurestore.com; Website: edenpurestore.com

Energy Smart Heating

Energy smart pay back calculator, comparison heating systems, solar energy, oil tank information, pool and spa heating, efficient cooling, and all other energy smart tools.
Saint James NY 11780 Nassau County 516-965-8729
Suffolk County: 631-678-7510; E-mail: info@EnergySmartHeating.com
Website: energysmartheating.com

Energy Star - Energy Efficient Heating & Cooling Equipment

Energy star new home specifications and features e.g. boilers, furnaces, heat pumps, programmable thermostats, and advice on cooling and heating a new home energy efficiently.
Toll-Free 888-782-7937
Website: energystar.gov

Energy Star - Benefits for Homeowners

Energy Star's website describing benefits of energy-efficient construction.
Toll-Free 888-782-7937
Website: energystar.gov

Energy Star - Find an Energy Star Partner

Energy Star seargh engine for home builders and evelopers building Energy Star qualified new homes, lenders that offer energy efficient mortgages, special offers for buyers, builders, and developers coming from utilities, and home energy raters that can verify the energy efficiency of a home.
Toll-Free 888-782-7937
Website: energystar.gov


Energy Alternative powered by nature, which captures the wind and sun and allows for affordable and productive electrical power systems.
Toll-Free 866-577-1861
Website: freetricity.com

Interior Environments

Commercial and residential air conditioning and heating specializing in Geothermal Energy systems
E-mail: info@interenviro.com; Website: interenviro.com

KeySpan Energy Saving

Resource for energy information and tips specific to your area.
Website: keyspanenergy.com

LIPA - Energy Saving Tips

Information on conservation programs from LIPA to help you lower your energy costs. Consider also a Geothermal System, which is the most efficient, cost effective and non-polluting system for heating, cooling and hot water.
Toll-Free 800-692-2626
Website: lipower.org

LIPA's Clean Energy Initiative

Home energy saving tips for your home concerning air conditioners, dishwashers, laundry, lighting, home office, refrigerators and an equation to calculate the operating cost of appliances around your home.
Tel 631-755-6000
Toll-Free: 800-490-0025; Website: lipower.org

Long island Fuel Oil Directory

Home heating tips for ensure the maximum fuel oil efficiency.
E-mail: contact@longislandfueloil.com; Website: longislandfueloil.com

Morris Window and Siding

Energy Saving Replacement Window installation and options, which allow for elimination of temperature swings and drafts, and will reduce utility costs, and raise the resale value of your home.
Toll-Free 866-636-1648
E-mail: customerservice@morriswindow.com; Website: morriswindow.com

New York State Energy Reasearch and Development Authority

Programs giving access to incentives, educating New Yorkers on home improvement advice, education, and training geared to making energy more affordable for New Yorkers allowing them to better manage their energy costs.
E-mail: residential@nyserda.org; Website: getenergysmart.org

Northeast Sustainable Energy Association, NESEA

An organization aimed at educating the public about sustainable energy, whole systems thinking, and green thinking building practices. Tour de Sol, Green Building Open House, Building Energy Conference, and resources for k-12 are some of the diverse programs supported by NESEA.
E-mail: nesea@nesea.org; Website: nesea.org

Oilheat Institute of Long Island

Provide fast and easy ideas to save energy and cash, feature Energy Audit recommendations which can help to calculate the energy usage and get valuable tips about upgrading efficiency all over the house.
Tel 631-360-0200
E-mail: info@ohili.org; Website: ohili.org

Renewable Energy Long Island

Not-for-profit organization focused on bringing renewable energy to Long Island they are continually seeking public participation in support of energy policies that protect the environment, economy and public health Major Wind Park LIPA.
62 Newton Ln., East Hampton NY 11937 Tel 631-329-8888
Toll-Free: 877-619-5572; E-mail: info@RenewableEnergyLongIsland.org
Website: renewableenergylongisland.org

Sears Heating & Cooling

Information source for heating and cooling energy saving by replacing the current equipment with an Energy Star rated heating and cooling systems which can help reduce high energy costs as much as 10-30%
Tel 877-840-7126
Website: searshomepro.com

Small Wind: State by State

An informational page for New York Residents concerning public policies, incentive programs, wind resources, and organizational resources for installing and operating a small wind turbine.
E-mail: windmail@awea.org; Website: awea.org

Smart Energy

An alternative energy company providing education on alternative heating and cooling systems decreasing dependency on fossil fuels through the use of their heat pump.
E-mail: info@smartenergynow.com; Website: smartenergynow.com

Space Design Consultants

A design consulting firm with a focus in areas like energy conservation. Combining top of the line design with a concern for the environment energy efficiency in residential and commercial buildings.
E-mail: info@space-design.com; Website: space-design.com

Warm Your Floor

Information on Electric Radiant Floor heating which can be installed on new or existing constructions and will reduce heating costs.
Toll-Free 866-558-3369
E-mail: sales@warmyourfloor.com; Website: warmyourfloor.com
Here are some tips to make your heating system more efficient and effective.
1. Start with basic maintenance of your home heating system. Some basic things like changing the air filter you can easily do yourself. Other maintenance might require a heating contractor (see Long Island Home Heating Contractors category in our website directory). Exact maintenance needs vary with the type of home heating system you have (types include furnaces for forced hot air, hot water or steam, heat pumps and various types of radiant and space heaters). The United States Department of Energy offers a good heating system maintenance checklist listed in Long Island Home Heating Contractors.
2. Check for air leaks around windows and doors. Also check for drafts through electrical outlets switch plates, fireplace dampers , attic hatches and wall- or window-mounted air conditioners.
3. Check the outside of your house for cracks or gaps where two building materials join such as around the chimney, the foundation or siding corners. Caulk or seal any gaps or cracks you find. You should also plug and caulk holes or openings for faucets, pipes, electric outlets, and wiring.
Larger projects worth considering include adding or replacing storm windows, additional insulation in the attic (ceiling insulation to at least R-30 standards), upgrading to a programmable thermostat, buy and use insulating shutters or drapes (keep them closed during winter nights and summer days).
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