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We Service Cesspools on Long Island

CDM Cesspool Services provides septic and cesspool service for all of Suffolk County in New York. We have 17 years of experience in septic system cleaning, pumping & repair and cesspool service on Long Island.

Our professionals can help you to:
  • Install, pump and clean cesspools and septic tanks
  • Install, treat and repair dry wells
  • Clean plumbing drains and sewers
  • Repair broken septic tank lines
  • Repair cesspool cave-ins
  • Aerate and chemically treat your septic tank system
  • Hydrojetting

CDM Cesspool Service is a family owned and operated local business with seven offices across Long Island. We have been operating in Suffolk County for over 17 years. We are licensed, bonded and insured.

Emergency services are available seven days a week. We provide free estimates and low prices. We guarantee our unique Drainage Restoration Services, called hydrojetting, and we will put it in writing.

The cesspool is one part of your septic system. The cesspool is the area that provides soil absorption. Waste flows out of you home through septic tank lines and enters near the top of the septic tank. When your septic tank is working properly the organic solids float to the top of the tank and inorganic solids sink to the bottom. The bacteria in your septic tank then convert the solids to a liquid form. Sludge forms from the organic solids and then settles to the bottom of the tank. When this works properly the septic tank's liquid to flows freely into the cesspool. For more detail please visit our website. You can find answers to specific questions in our Cesspool 101 page on the CDM Cesspool Services website. For example, some people are concerned when they see the grass is greener over the septic tank and cesspool. This is not a problem unless the surface of the ground is wet. If it is wet, you should fence it off and call a professional to evaluate it.

The main reason that cesspools fail is that solids build up. This can be corrected by pumping your septic tank every three years as a preventive measure. Your cesspool should be serviced at the same time.

If the cesspool fails there are really only two things you can do to correct it:
       Hydrojetting   This is the best option because water is used directly to restore the drainage in the cesspool. A plastic pipe pumps water and sulfuric acid into the bottom of cesspool. The advantage of this method is that the chemical breaks up the slime and sludge more quickly and efficiently.
    •   Aerating the cesspool   Sulfuric acid is used to restore the cesspool drainage. This chemical is legal and safe for the environment. It is necessary to use it because the bacterial/enzyme count was too low.

Another major method that we use to treat cesspools is the use of bacteria and enzyme treatments. However, if your washing machine empties into the septic system this method is not advised. Soaps and bleach from the washing machine would kill the bacteria and make this treatment ineffective.

Some other helpful septic information sources

We are one of the leading Long Island septic tank services, and we are dedicated to helping our customers understand their septic system maintenance needs. Here are a few references from various online sources.

The Wikipedia is something many people turn to on the web to find out basic information including like homes, home improvement, plumbing, landscaping, cesspools and other topics related to septic systems. Their page on the cesspools offers good background information.

No doubt Long Island is very dependent on its groundwater resources for the health of everyone who lives and works here. Recently Newsday covered the topic of sewers on Long Island with the headline "In Suffolk, sewer is no longer a dirty word and it called attention to the impact on economic development on Long Island.

Services Offered by CDM

We serve residents of Suffolk County, New York. We have 7 locations to ensure prompt service: Mount Sinai NY, 631-4741261; Quogue NY, 631-653-8393; Sayville NY, 631-589-9399; Shirley NY, 631-399-6227; Smithtown NY, 631-360-9001; Southampton NY, 631-283-4337; and West Hampton NY, 631-288-3242.

We install, repair, clean and maintain septic tanks and cesspools. We offer the following services targeted to cesspools:

  • Electronically locating cesspools
  • Hydojetting
  • Aerating the cesspool
  • Applying bacteria and enzyme treatments to the cesspool
  • Repairing cesspool cave-ins and installing a new septic system

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Web Address:   www.cdmcesspool.com