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Gain an Advantage with the Best
Public Relations Firm on Long Island

Epoch 5 Public Relations is
Long Island's premiere full service PR agency. We proudly serve the most well-known business and professional organizations across Long Island. We have 25 years of delivering solid performance for our clients, helping them to extend their reach, lead with their strengths and communicate their value.

While many of our clients are on Long Island we also serve clients in the northeast region and across the United States.

Our core strengths are:

Epoch 5 Public Relations serves clients in just about any industry or line of business. We have special expertise and deep experience in the following practice areas:

• Health Care Industry
• Real Estate
• Energy
• Not-for-profit Sector
• Professional services

-- Long Island Business News
Epoch 5
755 New York Avenue
Huntington, Long Island, New York 11743
Phone: (631) 427-1713
Email: lsinger@epoch5.com

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a few of our clients:

King Kullen supermarkets


William F. Collins, AIA Architects, LLP

T. Weiss Realty Corporation

Bethpage Federal Credit Union

Briarcliffe College

South Nassau Communities Hospital Home Health Care

Salenger, Sack, Schwartz & Kimmel

Adelphi University

Bethpage Federal Credit Union Mortgages

South Nassau Communities Hospital

Garfunkel Wild & Travis

Melville Corporate Center III

Daniel Gale Sotheby's International Realty

Starting Strong in 2008
Award Winning Long Island PR Firm
A rising star can help you shine

Readers In Long Island Business News Survey
Named Epoch 5 #1 Public Relations Firm

- Emediawire (press release),
WA - Jan 9, 2008

A local Long Island public relations powerhouse can help you rise above a challenging business environment.

Our core service areas are summarized here, and we welcome you to follow the links to our website.

1. Media Relations

Perception is the heart of public relations. The way customers, the general public, business clients (buyers, suppliers and partners) form impressions about your company depends on timely feature coverage in major print and television media. Complimentary management of online media (online press releases, search engine optimization, blogs and other social media) maximizes your marketing reach and power.

Epoch 5 excels at integrating print, TV and new media. Smart media planning reduces time and cost. This also helps you to efficiently deploy multiple versions of video and other rich media across different platforms.

Epoch 5 Public Relations understands the need to coordinate media coverage across the Long Island and New York City media markets. We have an extensive track record of closely working with Newsday, The New York Times, Long Island Business News and other local and regional publishers.

When you have a story to tell we will help you develop the best pitch and talking points for media contacts. We provide a full range of media relations to Long Island businesses and non-profit organizations.

Our services include:

• News releases
• Media training and preparation
• Editorial board meetings
• Product publicity
• Press kit development
• Press conferences
• Media tours
• Spokesperson development


2. Corporate Communications

Epoch 5 Public Relations helps companies to create or maintain their brand presence, and build or repair corporate reputation in the public mind and in the business community on Long Island. We tailor our media and communications efforts to match the needs of specific stakeholders: customers, shareholders, employees, regulators, professional organizations and others.

Epoch 5 Public Relations has over 25 years of experience working with senior management at major Long Island companies. We work with senior management to determine strategy for public relations projects and plan effective PR and corporate communications tactics. We can develop a comprehensive set of public relations services for clients needing a complete outsourced marketing solution or implement specific services as needed project by project.

Our corporate communications services include:

• marketing of products and services to consumers and businesses (B-to-B)

• managing brand and reputation

• creating promotional materials, newsletters and publications

• conducting corporate event planning

• developing and promoting charitable giving plans and programs


3. Government and Community Relations

Major business projects and public policy initiatives require expert public relations support throughout their lifecycle. Many major corporations and human services organizations have turned to Epoch 5 to develop public trust and support in critical projects. Managing information and responding to the public is a 24/7 process due to the impact of the Internet communication (email and blogs). Epoch 5 will help you monitor public attitudes and shape effective responses for websites, blogs and other electronic media.

Striking the right balance in messages to diverse stakeholders (local residents, neighbors, community activists, regulators and elected officials) is critical. We offer a comprehensive set of PR services that address and include:

• Siting issues
• Environmental issues
• Political and issue advocacy campaigns
• State and local government relations
• Grassroots organizing and advocacy
• Letter-writing campaigns
• Advocacy advertising


4. Crisis Communications

Crises are an inevitable fact of life and are by their nature surprising, unpredictable, and challenging. Some crises can be avoided but many cannot.

The best crisis responses emerge from proper planning. Epoch 5 can help you identify risks and organizational vulnerabilities. Successful responses often rely on training key staff and fostering individual resilience. Epoch 5 Public Relations can help you craft messages and reply to media in time-critical situations. Our services include:
• Preparation of crisis communications plans
• Emergency response
• Media training
• Managing employee and workplace issues
• Strategic risk assessment
• Coordination with outside legal counsel
• Advice and direction
• Serving as spokesperson


5. Long Island Marketing and Advertising

All businesses share a simple goal: selling products and services. Improving sales performance depends, more than ever, on focusing your message and integrating your marketing efforts in a more fragmented media landscape.

Epoch 5 Public Relations helps senior executives maintain their focus and effectively manage all phases of marketing and advertising campaigns. We craft the right message and get your message placed before the right audience at the right time. Epoch 5 can work alone or work with your advertising agency to develop and deliver creative and effective promotions.

We offer the following services through our in-house graphic design affiliate, the Epoch 5 Graphic Design Group:

• Product positioning
• Product publicity
• Print ads
• E-mail marketing campaigns
• Direct mail design services
• Sales literature
• Logo development
• Newsletters
• Video production
• Special Events
• Trade Shows
• Professional practice development
• PowerPoint Presentations
• Video production
• Website content

Web Address:   www.Epoch5.com