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Video Game Repair
Long Island

Many people and businesses that own a arcade style video game, pinball machine or jukebox know that these are unique collectibles. We undetsand that you have a significant monetary and emotional investment in a classic video game or music player. People on Long Island know they can turn to M & L Repair / NY Party Works for top quailty repairs and sales for video games, jukeboxes, and pinball machines.

Home video games systems and classic arcade games in businesses and public venues can and should remain in good working condition for many years. Video game repair shops on Long Island can often handle the basic maintenace of coin operted video games. At M & L Repair / NY Party Works we take pride in fixing your unique home system and providing the best service of video arcade equipment. We also help reapir and maintain game accesories like controllers.

Our purpose, expertise and passion

I "Care To Repair" your Jukebox, Pinball machine, Video Game, Slot Machine and/or any other machinery that you might own that either "takes" or "took" a coin. The age or the country of origin of your equipment does not matter to me. I will be glad to come to you and to repair your machine in your house or business location.

Sales and Service for home amusements are my top priority. I am a trusted serviceman in business for over 20 years. I specialize in service of any machine that takes or took a coin to operate. I am an Engineer who graduated from SUNY Maritime College.

Mike Berrick

Arcade video game repair Long Island, video game sales

We are expert at repairing classic arcade games. We have also helped our customers to refurbish their game cabinets. For example, we work with the Dynamo Cabinets with 19" VGA Monitor. These cabinets are normally horizontal but can be set up in a vertical position. They are perfect for multigame systems. Here is a sample of some of the arcade games that we work with:

Manufactured by Atari, 1979
Tekken Tag Tournament
Manufactured by Namco, 1999
Missile Command
Manufactured by Atari, 1980
NFL Blitz '99
Manufacturer Midway, 1998
Manufactured by Atari, 1982
Nintendo World Cup
Manufacturer: Technos, 2000
Manufactured by Atari, 1982
Neo Geo MVS
Manufactured by SNK, 1989
Manufacturer by Taito, 1986
Jr. Pac-Man
Manufacturer Bally, 1983
Manufactured by Atari, 1988
Manufacturer Williams, 1980
Super Hang-On
Manufactured by Sega, 1992
Super Hang-On
Manufactured by Sega, 1992

You might be surprised to find out how popular pinball machines, jukeboxes and arcade games are with collectors and hobbyists.

In the past few years major department stores like Target have begun selling video arcade games for the home.

Coin-operated arcade games first became popular in amusement parks of the 1920s. Coin-operated pinball machines were first installed in the 1930s. During the early 1970s, the first video games for the home were produced. Video arcades became a must-have store in malls and shopping centers across America. This decade marked a revolution in video arcade games with stand-alone arcade game consoles spreading to movie theaters, bars, laundromats, and even to some restuarants. By the 1990s, home PC games and home video game consoles became more powerful and popular. The presence of video arcade storefronts became less common but the arcade units have remained popular. The original video games themselves have seen a comeback and many are now common on the major video game platforms (Sony PlayStation, Microsoft X-box, and Nintendo) and in open source gaming computers and devices.

There are several good sources of online information for people who want to buy and sell or repair arcade video games . Here are a few of the more popular websites:

    The Wikipedia has a good article on arcade games arcade games.
    Retrogaming Articles Wonder why classic arcade games are making a comeback? Tips on modding your cabinets and more can be found on this website devoted to classic games.

Jukebox repair Long Island, jukebox sales

M & L Repair, Incorporated / NY Party Works, looks forward to helping you to repair and maintain your jukebox. We are also one of the few businesses specializing in jukebox sales on Long Island

We have experience servicing and repairing jukeboxes of all shapes and sizes from US and foreign manufacturers. The major jukebox manufacturers include AMI/Rowe, Rock-Ola, Seeburg, Wurlitzer, Aireon, Cameron, Capehart, Chicago Coin, Cinematone, Daly, Evans, Filben, Gabel, Holcomb and Hoke, Mills, Packard, Ristaucrat, RCA, United Music, and Williams.

Before there were jukeboxes there was something called the "coin-slot phonograph". The official name for it was not until the 1930s that the modern jukebox using 78 rpm records. In the 1950s, the 45-rpm record came to dominate the jukebox format. In the 1980s, compact discs began being used and, more recently, hard drives with connections to the Internet have become common.

For people considering collecting, buying a jukebox for the first time, or adding to their collection, here are a few good Internet resources: Always Jukin, Your Gameroom Place, and Jukebox Collector Magazine.

Pinball machine repair Long Island, pinball machine sales

We have years of experience repairing a wide variety of pinball machines. All of the pinball machines that we sell are used but restored. Pinball games are complicated machines with many sensitive electrical and mechanical parts.

The Wikipedia has a good article on arcade games pinball machines.

Internet pinball database

Slot Machine Sales and Repairs

Authentic American slot machines bought, sold and repaired.

Game Room Design

We can fill up your empty room or basement and turn it into your personal arcade, with pin ball machines and juke boxes.

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