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Moving Box Guy - Shop Online or Call 1-877-269-3783 Ext 85 Fast and Free Delivery - Direct to your door!
Shop online or call 1-877-269-3783, Ext. 85
Moving Box Guy - Shop Online or Call 1-877-269-3783 Ext 85
One Stop Shopping for Moving Boxes & Kits.
Special Packing Boxes & Supplies

Order Moving Boxes on Long Island NY:
Fast and Free Delivery!

You'll find moving boxes and supplies for all of your basic moving needs right here at the Moving Box Guy. The links below will take you right into the shopping cart where you can complete an order in minutes. Orders are shipped out the same day and delivery is always free.

Whether you are moving across town or from Nassau County to Suffolk County the Moving Box Guy can help you. We deliver moving kits, box bundles (small, medium, large or extra large moving boxes) and special box types (wardrobe boxes, kitchen boxes & frame boxes) right to your door the next day.

Moving Boxes

We carry four sizes of basic moving boxes: small, medium, large and extra large. You can buy each size in sets of 10 to 25 boxes per pack depending on the size of the box. We ship them flat in a protective frame box (which you can use to pack your paintings and mirrors). MovingBoxGuy.com ships boxes directly to you and we offer free delivery!

Our small moving boxes are perfect for moving books and small items. Small boxes are best for packing and shipping heavy items. Our medium moving boxes are perfect for moving larger books, collectibles, dishes, glasses and almost all kitchenware. Medium boxes can be used for packing and shipping many of your household items. Our large moving boxes are perfect for moving larger household items such as pillows, collectibles, larger dishes, serving platters, plants, lamps and stereo & computer equipment. Our extra large moving boxes are perfect for moving your household items such as comfortors, blankets, clothes, lamps, pillows and any large lighter items.

Packing Boxes, Moving Kits & Supplies

Our moving kits are organized into four kinds of complete packages. All of the packages two or more types of moving boxes and a combination of accessories (bubble wrap, stretch wrap, tape, tape dispensers, and packing paper). The moving kits have bigger boxes to give you more cubic feet per purchase. The moving box combo kits give you more boxes and less supplies per purchase. The wardrobe kits are great for bedrooms because they include the best match of wardrobe and other box types for a specific number of rooms. Follow the links below to find the right moving kit to put together packing boxes and moving supplies at the right price. Visit our website to learn more & buy packing boxes.

Wardrobe Boxes

Wardrobe boxes are specially designed to help you transfer, move and store your clothing. You can take your clothes right out of the closet and pack them to prevent wrinkles. Our wardrobe boxes are also good for storing your out of season clothing in an easy and accessible way. After you have moved keep the boxes at your home to store your winter or summer clothing. Wardrobe boxes are larger than most our moving boxes. and they are heavy duty. Visit our website to learn more & http://www.movingboxguy.com/wardrobe-boxes.html.

Moving boxes delivered to all towns on Long Island New York.
Toll-Free: 1-877-269-3783, Ext 85
Website: www.movingboxguy.com

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Moving Kits

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Kitchen Boxes

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Wardrobe Boxes

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Stretch Wrap & Accessories

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