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Quetzacoatl Mexican Restaurant Long Island

Mexican Restaurant, Long Island NY
Where you'll delight in food from the heart of Mexico!

Welcome to North Shore Long Island's true Mexican Dinning Exeperience!

Quetzalcoatl Mexican Cuisine is one of the finest authentic Mexican restaurants on Long Island. It is a full restaurant located in the heart Huntington Village serving dinner, lunch, brunch and breakfast. Quetzalcoatl Restaurant was established in 2007 and is the third restaurant we have openned on Long Island that serves mexican food. In 1994 we openned the lil Caboose Restauant in East Northport NY and in 1996 we openned Oaxaca restaurant in Huntington village.

Quetzalcoatl Mexican Cuisine is by far our largest restaurant and it features two rooms. This allows us to offer a wider variety of Mexican dishes and a full bar to allow guests to sample delicious Mexican cocktails prepared the proper way. We bring you authentic traditional menus and loyal customers travel from all over Long Island to try a new dish or menu item.

If you haven’t tried our food yet, we recommend you try one of our signature dishes: Chile en Nogada, Molcajete Purepecha, Tamales Oaxaquenos, Mingon Poblano, Camarones al Mojo de Ajo, or Mexican Paella. And of course, you'll enjoy our authentic Mexican desserts like Flan or Tres Leches Cake. In addition we serve top quality Tequila drinks, Margaritas, Mojitos, Sangria and less well known cocktails. Our selection of red wine and white wine features local Long Island wines and selections from Spain, Chile, and Argentina. Our beer selection includes popular Mexican and American brands.

Quetzalcoatl Mexican Restaurant also features regular events (like jazz music, salsa dancing, Mariachi bands, and esoteric lectures), and special events (holiday parties, New Year's Eve, Valentine's Day, Cinco de Mayo), oppotunties for you to private parties in our restaurant, and much more.

Sampling Regional Mexican Cuisine without traveling is one of the pleasures you'll enjoy in comfort in our restaurant. We offer a unique selection of regional Mexican food and special dishes. The following list gives you an idea of what we offer (the Mexican state is listed first and then the dishes): Veracruz featuring Ceviche De Peescado and Pipian De Pollo, Peubla featuring Chile En Nogada, Mole Poblano, and Mignon Poblano, Oaxaca featuring Ixtlan Pork Chops, Mole Chicken Enchilada, and Tamales Oxaquenos, Gulf of Mexico featuring Paelta, Nuevo León featuring Birria Platter, Michoacán featuring Molcajete Purepecha, San Luis Potosí featuring Enchilada Huasteca and Guerrero featuring Enchilada Ixtapa.

Gift Certificates are avaiable in the amounts of $25, $50 and $100. Simply call us at 631-427-7834 to order the amount that works best for you or your party. We will send you one of our Mayan Treasure Coin Gift Certificates. Each gift certificate is accompanied by a free hand made Mexican craft souvenir.

Mexican Cuisine


Empanadas Corn dough shaped into a tortilla filled with your choice of chicken or beef, folded in half, pressed and deep-fried.

Breakfast Burrito A flour tortilla rolled and stuffed with scrambled eggs, cheese, rice and beans.

Machaca Burrito A flour tortilla rolled and stuffed with your choice of chicken or beef, scrambled eggs, refried beans and topped with homemade red salsa and melted cheese.

Moyete A Portuguese roll cut in half and filled with refried beans, melted cheese and pico de gallo.

Chilaquiles Corn chips marinated in a delicious special salsa made with tomatoes, hot peppers and sour cream.

Huevos rancheros Two over easy eggs layered over corn tortillas marinated in tomatillo sauce served with chorizo, rice and beans.

Zopilotes Three corn tortillas marinated in a black bean broth and topped with queso fresco and one egg any style.


Tostadas Three crispy corn tortilla topped with refried beans, sour cream, guacamole, lettuce, fresh pico gallo, cheese and your choice of chicken, beef or grilled vegetables.

Burritos A large flour tortilla filled with rice,cheese, refried beans, lettuce and pico de gallo.

Taco Salad Large crispy flour tortilla shell layered with refried beans, shredded lettuce, tomatoes, pico de gallo and grated cheese

Chicken Chimichangas A flour tortilla rolled and filled with cheese, vegetables and chicken. Deep fried and topped with melted cheese, served with lettuce, sour cream, pico de gallo, rice and beans.

Mole Chicken Enchiladas Two soft corn tortillas marinated in our home made mole sauce, filled with Mexican styled chicken and topped with grated cheese, onions and served with a side of rice.

Ropa Vieja Shredded beef and onions marinated in a special chipotle sauce, served with rice and beans and a side order of soft corn tortillas.

Tequila Pasta Primavera vegetables over penne pasta in a delicious tequila based cream sauce.

Sopes Home made tortilla with your choice of chicken, beef or grilled vegetables, and topped with lettuce, pico de gallo and sour cream.

Chilaquiles Corn chips marinated in a delicious salsa made with tomatoes, hot peppers and sour cream.


Arroz con Pollo Shredded Mexican style breast served on a bed of rice and vegetables..

Carne Azada Sliced steak over grilled vegetables, served with soft corn tortillas, rice and beans and chiquita salad on the side.

Chile en Nogada A Mexican poblano pepper stuffed with traditional picadillo made from fillet mignon, pork loin and a blend of aromatic herbs, fruits and nuts. Topped with a creamy home made brandy and almond sauce and pomegranate. Served with a chiquita salad and frijoles endiablados.

Chile Verde Large pieces of fried diced pork in green tomatillo sauce served with rice and beans and a soft corn tortilla.

Empanadas Homemade corn tortillas shells filled with your choice of chicken, huitlacoche (Mexican Truffle) or beef, fried and served with a chiquita salad, rice, beans and sprinkled with grated cheese.

Fajitas Rio Bravo A beef, chicken, pork, shrimp or seafood medley served sizzling on a hot skillet with grilled onions, peppers, and tomatoes. Served with a chiquita salad, flour tortillas and refried beans with melted cheese.

Ropa Vieja Shredded beef and onions marinated in a special hot sauce and served with rice, beans and a side order of corn tortillas.

Ixtlan Pork Chops Sauteed pork chops in a tomato, pasilla peppers sauce served with frijoles endiablados and side order of soft corn tortillas.

Tamales Chicken or Pork Masa (corn meal) spread on corn husk stuffed with pork ir chicken and a special green sauce, rolled and steamed baked. Served with chiquita salad, rice and beans.

Camarones al Mojo de Ajo Jumbo sized shrimp in a spicy Mexican garlic sauce and served over a bed of rice and frijoles endiablados on the side

Pescado a la Veracruzana Tilapia fillet baked and topped with salsa jarocha and served with rice and beans.

Birria Platter Lamb cooked with a homemade salsa made specially for birria using variety of Mexican spices. Served with rice, beans and corn tortillas.

Molcajete Purepecha A prehispanic dish with grilled meat and vegetables marinated in a mild chile pasilla and served in a hot molcajete. Served with a side order of ensalada campesina.

Mignon Poblano Sauteed Fillet mignon over an Aztec creamy sauce made from a blend of poblano peppers corn and spices.

Mole Poblano Steamed chicken breast covered with mole sauce and served with Mexican rice, and a side order of corn tortillas.

OAXACA - Mexican Food Treasure

Good, authentic, and affordable Mexican food in Huntington, NY.

Oaxaca Mexican Food Treasure 385 New York Ave. Huntington, NY Phone: 631-427-7834

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